Allison Hunt Ester became Allison Hunt Cooper on June 16, 2017 when she married her sweetheart, Andrew. We hope the name change does not confuse anyone! 

"Alley Hunt" paints from her heart and expresses her love for the southern coast through her spectacular color combinations and creative themes. Her lively spirit shines through brilliant, eye-catching hues and imagery.

Photo by Will Page

Today, she is focusing on her art business and expanding her pallet as an artist. A highly sought after young artist, Allison is available for commissioned pieces as well as Event Painting. Her bright, vivid acrylics are unique, stylish and a treasure to own.

Allison graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. During college, she sold commissioned paintings to family and friends. Eventually, she found herself spending more time as a local Wilmington artist than a student. By word of mouth and of course social media, Alley’s name as a young artist quickly became popular in North Carolina. With her enthusiastic personality and commitment to her work, she decided to turn her painting hobby into a career.  

Inspired by the beautiful North Carolina coast, she specializes in nautical and coastal themes with tons of southern charm.